3D2Sprite is a simple and free application for Windows and Linux to make 2D sprites from your 3D models and use them to create an Isometric, 2.5D or 3D look and feel in your 2D projects.

The software is currently under development but you can access the early versions in the download section.

Any feedback is welcome!

Features: (v0.7.6 Alpha)

  • supported OS: Windows, Ubuntu
  • supported 3D formats: .fbx .3ds .dae .obj .x .blend .lwo
  • supported Texture formats: .png .jpg .jpeg .bmp
  • supported Image format to export sprites: .png
  • number of mesh we can load is limited to 2: "parent" and "child"
    parent mesh can be an animated 3D mesh, for example a character and the child mesh can be a static 3D mesh, for example a weapon
  • child mesh can be assigned to any bone of the parent mesh to follow it movement during animation, for example, we can put a weapon in to the hands of the character.
  • animation of parent mesh can be loaded and we can select animation frames to play (and to be captured on to sprites)
  • textures with transparent color is supported
  • transparent color of texture can be selected
  • ambient light color and intensity can be selected
  • FPS Creator Levels can be loaded with all the objects, textures and light maps.
    The objects need to be converted to .obj format and the textures to .jpg format. Read the documentation for more info.
  • point lights supported
  • we can change the color, position and radius of point lights 
  • number of point lights is limited to 2